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The road so far - part 6, hidden behind the fake cuts in the other post

Here's the real second part of the masterlist. I didn't want to make the other post too big.

RPS [Real Person Slash]

J2 [Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles] - Threads!Verse:

Hold on to me (While the ground shakes) - [ Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Other/Jensen Ackles, NC-17 overall, slash, 60,000 total words ] - "After a car accident Jensen wakes up with a gap of four years in his memory, and the way everyone around him acts makes him understand something horrible happened in that period. While Jensen tries to get his life back together, Jared leaves his family home in San Antonio, trying to find his own way, and he ends up working in a place he'd never imagined.
But things are not as simple as they appear and they'll find out their lives are linked, in more ways than they think."
- First story in the Threads!Verse
Chapter 1 - 'Awakenings and new towns'
Chapter 2 - 'New starts and old fairytales'
Chapter 3 - 'Therapy sessions and a goodbye party'
Chapter 4 - 'Teardrops and new friendships'
Chapter 5 - 'Bad ideas and unexpected offers'
Chapter 6 - 'Sketchbooks and domestic bliss'
Chapter 7 - 'Breakfasts and car crashes'
Chapter 8 - 'Small steps and birthday presents'
Chapter 9 - 'Dances and old scars'
Chapter 10 - 'Threats and old affairs'
Chapter 11 - 'FBI agents and shower declarations'
Chapter 12 - 'Fathers and bad news'
Chapter 13 - 'Psycho-men and diner appointments'
Chapter 14 - 'Kidnaps and personal revenges'
Chapter 15 - 'Epilogue'

Hold on to me prequels:

I don't love you (Like I did yesterday) - [ Nathan/Jensen, NC-17, slash, 2,300 words ] - “Jensen hated hospitals, and despite he’d grown familiar with them he couldn’t bring himself to sleep in there.” - Set in January 1999.

Everything we had (Is no longer there) - [ Nathan/Jensen, R, slash, 2,100 words ] - A little glimpse on the past. Set between September 1997 and March 1998.


Other J2 chaptered stories:

What we had (I threw it away) - [ Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, each chapter rated separately, slash, 32,300 total words ] - "Sometimes it's just too hard to let go on the past, and we're the ones who hurt ourselves" -- Two years after Supernatural has been shut down, Jensen has the occasion to be Dean Winchester again, but he finds himself forced to face old painful feelings.
Chapter 1 - 'Back together' - [ PG-13 ]
Chapter 2 - 'What friends are for' - [ R ]
Chapter 3 - 'Working on the script...kinda' - [ NC-17 ]
Chapter 4 - 'Breaking the balance' - [ PG-13 ]
Chapter 5 - 'Right when I thought I knew you' - [ PG-13 ]
Chapter 6 - 'Walk away' - [ PG-13 ]
Chapter 7 - 'A hard choice' - [ PG-13 ]
Chapter 8 - 'Endings and red carpet shows' - [ PG-13 ]

Not exactly surprising (but surely not planned) - [Michael Weatherly/Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, PG-13 overall, slash, 24,600 total words ] - “The first time Jared met Jensen, he simply wanted to hit him. Hard. Really hard."
Chapter 1 - 'Next step is marry me'
Chapter 2 - 'El bandolero'
Chapter 3 - 'Things you don't wanna hear'
Chapter 4 - 'Stay'
Chapter 5 - 'Mornings'
Chapter 6 - 'Uncomfortable truths'
Chapter 7 - 'Fight or flight'
Chapter 8 - 'Lonely Christmas'
Bonus chapter - 'Time goes by'


J2 standalones:

Let's go home - [ Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, PG-13, slash, 1,100 words ] - "Home. That's where you're supposed to be on Christmas eve, Jensen thought. Not in the middle of the Vancouver cold, trying to convince your stupid, drunk co-star to get in the car."

Dude, seriously, truth or dare!? - [ Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, mentions of Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, PG-13, slash, 2,168 words ] - "And if you put together hormones, alcohol and Michael fucking Rosenbaum, know somehow you're gonna be sorry in the morning."


Other RPS stories :

You have a dangerous face (And illegal taste) - [ Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law, R, slash, 1,200 words ] - "Voglio girare un sequel."

Car!sex is for lovers - [ Ben Barnes/William Moseley (Narnia RPS), NC-17, slash, 1,300 words ] - Ben, Will and car!sex. Just this, really. - Written for this prompt at the Narnia kink meme hosted by likecharity.

Four times Bill didn't kick Tom and one time he did - [ kinda Tom Kaulitz+Bill Kaulitz, PG-13, gen, 2,400 words ] - "You never look at me."


Supernatural - Non slash

What isn't and what should always be - [Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore, PG, het, AU, 260 words ] - Normality, it was all Sam wanted.

Stars - [ Dean and Sam, PG, gen, pre-series, 600 words ] - "It was a rare moment of peace, where everything was calm and the night didn't seem as dangerous as it was, so Sam wasn't going to complain about it."

Just trying to help - [ John Winchester/Mary Winchester, PG, het, 1,000 words ] - Just another night in another bar.

Safe - [ Dean, Sam, John and OMC, R (for reference to child abuse), gen, pre-series, 2,301 words ] - Dean wakes up in the middle of the night to find his brother's bed empty.

Promise me - [ Dean and Sam, PG, gen, pre-series, 451 words ] - Sam gets Dean to promise him something.

Smile - [ Dean and Sam, PG, gen, pre-series, 180 words ] - Dean gets his plans for the night ruined. Or maybe not.

Right time, right place - [ Dean, Sam and John, PG, gen, pre-series, 1,286 words ] - “C’mon Sammy, let’s teach our beauty who’s in charge now.”

Things he's willin' to do - [ Dean, Sam and others, R, gen, 1,933 words ] - “The first time Dean Winchester killed a man it was an accident, but he couldn’t forgive himself.”

In his time of dying - [ Dean, Sam and John, PG, gen, 1,212 words ] - "I know what happened, I know what will happen, but I don’t care. I’m not running for my father, not anymore, I’m running for Sam. He needs me.” - Set at the end of 2x01 “In my time of dying” (and after). Dean POV.

Homework - [ Dean and Sam, PG, gen, pre-series, 1,180 words ] - "Ok, boys and girls, for tomorrow I want you to write a short letter to a friend in which you describe your father."


Supernatural - Slash and wincest

Fairytale gone bad - [ Dean/Sam, R, slash, wincest, 2,086 words ] - Sam is going to leave for Stanford and Dean can't understand. - Based on lyrics for "Fairytale gone bad" by Sunrise Avanue.

Choices - [ Dean/Sam, R, slash, wincest, 1,665 words ] - "I thought things would have been just like they were before. I hoped things would have been just like they were before. But now I see this isn't going to happen, it's all too different." Both Dean's and Sam's POV.

Can't fight it - [ Dean/Sam, R, slash, wincest, 1,279 words ] - "I can't even remember when it all started. I guess it was when dad decided to bring you to one of our trips. You were just eight." All in Dean's POV.



Out there is freezing (This time of the year is the worst) - [ Tony/McGee, PG-13, slash, 800 words ] - They said no presents this Christmas, Tony knows it, he remembers the conversation they had about it, he remembers getting in a fight for insisting about it.

Broken strings - [ Tony/McGee, PG-13, slash, 360 words ] - It still makes him hold his breath, even now that it’s over - he can’t believe it’s finally over -, now that Tony is back home.

Valentine's Day - [ Gibbs/Tony, PG, slash, 400 words ] - It's Valentine's Day and Ziva is funier than ever.

I thought it was the seven iron - [ Tony/Other, PG, het, 496 words ] - Tony has something very important to tell Gibbs.

Lies - [ NCIS/JAG crossover, Gibbs/Harmon Rabb Jr., PG-13, slash, 563 words ] - Some truths shouldn't be told, or aren't supposed to.



His own personal telescope - [ Charlie Eppes, Don Eppes, PG, gen, 450 words ] - "It's always there, every night, every time Charlie sits there and waits."

Better this way - [ Ian Edgerton/Charlie Eppes, PG-13, slash, 660 words ] - Sequel to Morning after. Charlie doesn't know why there's a morning after.

Morning after - [ Ian Edgerton/Charlie Eppes, PG-13, slash, 800 words ] - Charlie knows there's not going to be a morning after.



Lost you - [ Isaac/Peter, past Nathan/Peter, PG-13, slash, Petrellicest, 1,109 words ] - Nathan sees something that makes him think.

Dreams - [ Isaac/Peter, PG-13, slash, 755 words ] - "Sometimes it's just about dreams."

Rain - [ Isaac/Peter, PG-13, slash, 1,200 words ] - Peter paints again, but the painting is not what he and Isaac expected it to be.


Other fandoms [White Collar, Grey's Anatomy, House MD, Stargate SG-1]

He tastes like you (Only sweeter) - [ White Collar, Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, R, slash, 550 words ] - "He owns Neal Caffrey in his whole handsome being, which isn’t a thought he indulges in too often."

'Cause your life is just like a puzzle (And I'm the missing piece) - [ Grey's Anatomy, Denny Duquette/Izzie Stevens, PG, het, 1,200 words ] - "You're reading these words, Izzie, so something went really bad."

More than that - [ House MD, House/Chase, PG-13, slash, 1,300 words ] - "Maybe Foreman was right, maybe he was an ass kisser. Or maybe there was more than that."

Behind every great man... - [ Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG, Slash, 345 words ]

I'll keep this updated too, promise.
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