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10 February 2008 @ 01:34 am
Fic:Vampire hunting is the world’s oldest profession (And I, dear Madame, am a professional) [6/24]  
 Title: ‘Vampire hunting is the world’s oldest profession (And I, dear Madame, am a professional)’  [6/24]
Author: JenJM (me)
Pairing: Gabe/William, Mikey/William, Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer and many a few others.
Rating: NC-17 overall
Characters: Gabe Saporta, William Beckett, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Mikey Way, others. Pretty much everyone from Cobras, Academy, FOB and MCR. Plus Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds, and I can tell you Green Day will appear somewhere along the way.
Word count: 96,000 total words
Warnings: language, blood, violence, killings, all the stuff you can find in a story where people kill vampires and vice versa. But this vampires have sense of humor.
Disclaimer: Gabe and William aren’t mine ç_ç they belong to each other themselves. Actually no one in here belongs to me, and it’s so sad.
I really don’t mean to offend anyone and nothing of what I wrote in this story is to be considered real, it’s all fiction.
Author’s Notes: Pete being a vampire and hunting others vampires is kinda taken from FOB’s video for “Sixteen candles”, all the other stuff is a product of my twisted mind.
Title from Cobra Starship’s “Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession (And I, dear Madame, am a professional)”.
As ever, feel free to report any mistake. Constructive criticism is welcome, feedback makes me happy!
Beta: my dear and patient nejem
Summary: “In his late years, Gabe Saporta had come to consider himself a peaceful, harmless, even funny vampire. He rarely killed anyone, when he fed he always left his victims where they could be easily found and rescued, and sure thing he never wanted to be part of any clan ever again.” But his plans are ruined when he gets caught by a vampire hunters clan led by Pete Wentz, and things take an interesting path when William Beckett, a young hunter, becomes his jailer. Meanwhile Ryan Ross gets kidnapped by someone they didn’t expect to see again, and the clan has to find him before it’s too late. 

Crossposted. Like, a lot.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 6  
“Must be something really big if Frerard came all the way from Jersey and you still need me.” Gabe commented as he stepped into the library, William walking beside him.
“Not as big as your ego, apparently. It has no limits.” Mikey addressed him a grin, moving his eyes from William to Gabe.
“Uh, trust me, I do have something bigger than my ego.” Gabe mirrored the smirk, holding the other vampire’s gaze.
“Oh, really?” Mikey chuckled, raising an eyebrow, clearly unconvinced.
“Come and find out.” Gabe shrugged, his eyes never moving from Mikey’s amused ones.
“Will you two just shut up?” William asked, unbelieving and a bit disturbed by the exchange. “After we’re done you can go upstairs and settle this pseudo-testosterone thing with measuring tape or something.”
“Unless you wanna settle it yourself.” Mikey looked at William and his grin turned wicked. “You got all the data you need from both parts, right?”
William looked at him wide-eyed, feeling the eyes of the group in the room on him. Before he could say anything Pete took a step towards them.
“Hey.” Pete sounded annoyed, and Mikey and Gabe turned to look at him, while William tried to cover his rage with a blank expression. “Shut. Up.
“We’ve got serious stuff going on here, guys.” Gerard said with a smirk, obviously meaning those words as a mocking reproach. “Focus.”
Mikey shook his head and grinned, throwing a glance at William, who ignored him.
“Oookay, now you tell me what’s goin’ on, and then you tell me I’m totally entitled to run the fuck away from this place.” Gabe looked at Pete and shook his head, ignoring Mikey.
“If you wanna leave, leave. Don’t make me waste precious time.” Pete glared at him, still angry about Mikey’s words to be any kinder. Not that he wanted to be. “We can live without your help.”
Gabe frowned, his expression thoughtful. The three hunters on the couch looked at him with wary, worried looks, Gerard and Mikey kept grinning, while Frank and Patrick just stared at him, waiting for a reply. Without a word he turned to look at William and saw the boy address him a meaningful glance. Not harsh or pleading or happy, just meaningful and somehow dejected, probably because of Gabe’s words.
“I’m in.” Gabe sighed, turning to look at Pete. He knew better than to get involved with someone else’s trouble, but it wasn’t like he really had anywhere else to be. “What’s going on?”
Pete raised his eyebrows, surprised by Gabe’s decision, while Patrick narrowed his eyes, studying the vampire. “I hope you’re ready for war.” At those words Gabe’s face darkened, but he simply nodded. “And by war I mean that Bryar, Toro and your friend the Butcher want us all dead.”
“The Butcher isn’t a friend of mine.” Gabe retorted immediately, his gaze finding Pete’s determined one. “Hasn’t been in a long time.”
“Good.” Pete just said, his jaw tightening. “Then that’s a problem we won’t have to deal with.”
William watched the exchange of glances between the two of them and wondered if the Butcher had something to do with the reason Patrick and Pete hated him. He was sure Mikey knew it, but talking to Mikey was the last thing he wanted to do.
A day later
It was dawn and Ryan was supposed to be sleeping, but he couldn’t manage to. He and Brendon had talked all night, and couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on. The boy had explained to him who the three vampires that had arrived right after sunset were, and after Pete had come up to say something to Brendon, the hunter had explained the situation to Ryan.
Then somehow they had ended up talking about their past hunts and Brendon had told him a few anecdotes about their friends and about their job. Without realizing it they had found themselves still awake at 6 in the morning.
The conversation had returned on the mess that they were about to face and Ryan had become silent after a few minutes, obviously worried despite Brendon’s reassuring words.
“I’m sorry.” Ryan whispered, his eyes watching intently his own hands as he sat with his back against the headboard.
“For what?” Brendon looked at him from his side of the bed, propping himself up on an elbow.
“For what happened.” Ryan didn’t look up and Brendon moved to look at him in the eye from his position on the bed, but Ryan looked away.
“Hey.” Brendon sat up and brought his hand to Ryan’s cold ones. “Look at me.”
“We have enough going on here without me going all Dracula and stuff.” Ryan didn’t fight as Brendon’s hand moved up to his chin, forcing him to look up.
“It’s not your fault.” Brendon smiled softly, his thumb caressing Ryan’s pale cheek. “You said ‘we’.”
“I feel at home here.” Ryan admitted with a little smile, causing Brendon’s heart to skip a beat as his hand left Ryan’s face.
“Maybe it’s a sign your memory is coming back.” Brendon’s smile widened and his eyes filled with something like relief, and hope.
“Or maybe you’re just that awesome.” Ryan grinned, his hand going up to ruffle Brendon’s hair. Then it moved lower, caressing the hunter’s cheek as his thumb traced the outline of his mouth, just like he’d done the day before. “I like your lips.” Ryan whispered with a little smile.
“You used to say that a lot.” Brendon smirked, but then the smirk turned into a sweet smile as he placed a kiss on Ryan’s finger.
“I wanna remember you. I wanna remember us.” Ryan’s eyes closed, hiding the hurt from Brendon. “I wanna remember how it feels to kiss you.” Brendon rested his forehead against Ryan’s, causing him to open his eyes.
“Then kiss me.” Brendon smiled at Ryan’s surprised gaze. “What a better way to remember it?”
“You’re just trying to get laid, confess.” Ryan grinned, but tilted his head to the side, moving closer.
Brendon’s laughter died as Ryan closed the distance between them, his icy lips closing on Brendon’s slightly parted ones. The kiss deepened immediately, and Ryan’s hand went to the back of the boy’s neck, playing with his hair. It was sweet and unhurried, and Brendon squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears as he realized Ryan was there, kissing him.
Brendon’s hands cupped Ryan’s face and he pulled him even closer, causing the both of them to lose their balance, and Brendon found himself on his back, Ryan on top of him. The vampire broke the kiss and started to giggle, his face pressed against Brendon’s collarbone.
“I knew it, you’re just trying to get laid.” Ryan looked up and smiled widely at him, gaining a smirk.
“You caught me.” Brendon laughed as well, his right hand moving to Ryan’s hair, playing with it. “I’ve got an incredibly hot vampire in my bed, I had to try.” Then his grin turned into a soft smile as he lifted his head to touch Ryan’s lips with his own. “God, I’m so glad you’re alive.” Brendon whispered, his arm keeping Ryan close.
“Actually, I’m n--” Ryan couldn’t finish his sentence because Brendon’s lips closed on his again in a quick, intense kiss.
Ryan simply smiled when they broke the kiss, burying his face in the crook of Brendon’s neck. “I like kissing you.”
“I like you kissing me.” Brendon placed a kiss on the top of Ryan’s head, ignoring the fact that they were lying across the bed, with their legs on the pillow and their feet near the nightstand. Ryan smiled against Brendon’s skin and placed a few soft kisses on his neck, right under his jaw and moving down to his collarbone. Suddenly he stopped, his lips against Brendon’s pulse.
“Brendon…” Ryan inhaled sharply, and Brendon felt him tense. “Let me go.”
Brendon moved the arm that had circled Ryan’s waist and the vampire sat up quickly, turning away from him. “What’s wrong, Ry?”
“Stay away.” Ryan hissed, his voice low. Brendon placed a hand on his shoulder and made him turn, his eyes widening as he saw Ryan’s eyes grey and his fangs clearly visible. “I…” Ryan turned away again, standing quickly. “I’m sorry.”
“Hey, it’s okay, you just --”
“It’s not okay, Brendon!” Ryan almost yelled, turning to look at him. “I was about to bite you, it’s not. fucking. okay!”
Brendon was a little taken aback from the outburst, but stood anyway, reaching Ryan. “It’s gonna be okay.” He placed his hands on the vampire’s shoulders, forcing Ryan to look at him. “You’ll learn to control it.”
“What if I hurt you in the meantime? What if I kill you?” Ryan asked, stepping back and interrupting the contact between them.
“I’m not leaving you alone.” Brendon replied, his gaze locking with Ryan’s scared one. “I’m not letting you go.”
“I don’t wanna hurt you.” Ryan’s tone was half desperate half pleading, and Brendon reached him once again.
“You won’t.” Brendon smiled softly at him and his hand went up to fix Ryan’s hair, his fingertips lowering to caress his cheek. “I promise.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Ryan looked away and stepped back again, heading to the bathroom and locking himself in.
William hadn’t slept all night. He’d left the library at 2 am, ignoring the suspicious and worried glances Patrick and Pete addressed him, ignoring Maja’s attempts to ask if he was okay, ignoring the way Mikey smirked from his seat on the couch, ignoring the way Gabe ignored him.
Ignoring the urge to punch something, to yell or to actually cry.
William lied in his bed, his eyes moving to the clock on the nightstand. 6 am. Everyone else was probably in bed, or in their rooms, doing better things than staring at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Mikey’s words had made him feel cheap and he couldn’t get rid of that sensation. He couldn’t understand why Mikey had wanted to humiliate him in front of everyone, in front of his friends, in front of Pete
The door opened and William didn’t open his eyes, knowing who it was. He regretted not locking it as the person closed it and reached the bed slowly, sitting down.
“You okay?”
William turned, the voice different from the one he’d expected. “Gabe?
“No, I’m an incredibly attractive boogeyman.” Gabe replied with a grin as his gaze locked with William’s. “You okay?” He repeated, tilting his head to the side.
“Sure.” William shrugged but didn’t move from his position on the bed. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
Gabe addressed him a perplexed look, his eyebrows arching. “Fine.”
“Can I ask you something?” William bit on his lip, conflicted. Gabe nodded and William hesitated. “Why Patrick hates you so much? What did you do to him?”
Gabe looked surprised by that question and his hands closed in fists. “It’s part of that story I’m not ready to tell.” He replied, not looking at William. “But I can tell you this…I’ve done a lot of things I regret, and I’m pretty convinced that, somehow, that one was the worst of all.”
William nodded, his hand reaching for Gabe’s tense one, touching it slowly. Gabe relaxed it and William entwined their fingers. “I’m glad you changed.”
“I’m sorry for what happened with Mikey.” Gabe replied, this time looking at William in the eye and seeing the hurt there.
“He thinks we had sex.” William looked up at the ceiling, unable to hold Gabe’s gaze. “He smelled you on me the last time he came here.”
“I really wanted to punch him. But if I did, they’d be convinced he was telling the truth.”
William smiled at that, his gaze back at Gabe. “Don’t worry, everyone already thought we were having sex.”
“Well, we could prove them right.” Gabe grinned and played with William’s fingers, then his expression softened. “Don’t let him hurt you.”
“I…” William hesitated, looking at the vampire. “I’ll try.”
Gabe broke the contact of their hands and stood, gaining a curious look from William. “I’ll go get some rest, I kind of need it since your boss decided I’ll have to go find my own blood if I want to eat.”
“You want to feed?” William asked without realizing it, then bit on his lip. “I mean, I could…”
Gabe looked at him, smiling as he leaned down. “You’re tired, you need to sleep.” He placed a kiss on William’s neck.
“I meant it.” William looked as Gabe straightened and looked down at him.
“I know.” With a little smile Gabe headed for the door, not looking back.
William fell asleep a few minutes later, his nerves a little calmer.
“Exactly, how close did you have to get to unchain him?” William turned and saw Mikey standing in the doorframe.
“Knocking would be a nice start.” William snapped, resuming his search for something to wear with the jeans he had prepared on the bed. “Apologizing should come next.”
Mikey closed the door behind himself and slowly reached the boy, drinking the view of his naked back. Without a word Mikey circled his waist with an arm, feeling William tense. “How do you want me to apologize?”
“Words.” William hissed, trying to get out of the embrace. “Possibly honest words.”
“You want me to say I’m sorry for telling the truth?” Mikey grinned, his hand moving towards William’s pajama pants. “Well, I’m not.”
“Let me go.” William grabbed Mikey’s wrist, but didn’t manage to stop it. “I didn’t have sex with him.”
“Maybe.” Mikey whispered to his ear, moving William’s hair away with his free hand. His eyes caught the sight of Gabe’s bite where Mikey had left his mark. “But I don’t like to share.”
“Who said you had anything in the first place?” William managed to get out of his grip and turned, furious. “I’m not a fuckin’ toy, and I’m not your fuckin’ whore!”
“I never meant you to be.” Mikey’s gaze softened and he raised his hand to William’s neck. “But that isn’t my bite.”
“And it’s also not any of your business.” William pushed Mikey’s hand away and turned, reaching the window.
Mikey looked at him and shook his head, approaching and circling his waist again. “You’re falling for him, and you’re in denial.”
“Don’t touch me.” William whispered, but Mikey kept him pressed against his chest.
“I’m not sorry for telling the truth to all your friends.” Mikey placed a kiss on William’s shoulder, feeling him tense. “But I’m sorry for the choice of words and context.”
“Why should I believe you?” William’s tone was bitter. “You enjoyed every second of it.”
“So what d’you want from me?” Mikey asked with a sigh.
“We’re over.” William broke the embrace once again, turning to look at Mikey with a serious glance. “Whatever the thing we had was, it’s over. No more sex.”
“And that means you’ll stop talking to me as well?” Mikey asked, raising an eyebrow.
“No. It just means you’re done sneaking in my room and in my bed.” William sighed, looking calmer than before. “But everything else is fine with me.”
“Fine, then. We’re over.” Mikey nodded and stepped back, a little smile on his lips. “But do yourself a favor. Open your eyes and see how hard you’re falling for that guy.” Mikey walked towards the door and stopped before opening it. “Then ask yourself if you’re ready to share your bed and your blood with a murderer.”
William didn’t reply as Mikey stepped out without adding anything else. He didn’t even think about stopping him and asking about Gabe and Patrick, he was too busy dealing with the fact that Mikey was out of his bed. For good.
Two days later
William was sitting on his bed with his legs crossed, a big book opened in front of him. He was taking notes on his notebook and chewing on the cap of the pen, a thoughtful expression on his face. There wasn’t much they could do for the moment, and William was researching legends on the clans they were supposed to fight against, but he had brought the books in his room instead of staying in the library, hoping to be left alone.
A soft knock on the door shattered that hope and he replied to come in without looking up.
“Man, you work too much.”
“Sisky!” William smiled widely as his friend closed the door. “About time! How did it go?”
“It’s been tough, but we made it.” Sisky sat on the bed and mirrored the smile, shrugging. “And the new guy’s damn good. I mean, you should see him. He saved Travis’ ass and Vicky’s convinced he’s even better than Mike.”
“Chislett, the aussie?” William looked surprised, and he put down his notebook.
“Call him Chizz, and yeah, the aussie.” Sisky grinned and took William’s notes.
“That’s good news at least.” William smiled and sighed, resting his back against the headboard.
Sisky’s smirk faded slowly as he eyed William’s notes. “Pete told us about Ryan and what’s going on. How’s he holding out?”
“Brendon says he starts to remember stuff, but things between them…Ryan’s keeping him distant, he’s scared he might hurt Brendon.” William sighed, closing the pen and putting it on the bed too. “And all this mess isn’t exactly helpful.”
“It’s a matter of time, they love each other too much.” Sisky put the notes down and looked at William. “About that…”
“What?” William asked, seeing a slow grin coming back to Sisky’s lips.
“Have you seen that Alex guy? I mean, holy shit!
“Oh God, you’ve been home for what, half an hour?” William laughed and shook his head. “You really need to get laid, man.”
“I totally do. He’s damn hot, and he’s on our team. At least this mess has a bright side for the both of us.” Sisky shrugged and raised an eyebrow when William frowned. “I mean, Mikey’s staying here, you’ll probably get laid twice a day. I deserve some fun too.”
William looked at his notebook and took it in his hands, not looking at his friend. “It’s over with Mikey.”
“What? Why?” Sisky’s eyes widened in surprise.
“He…we had a fight.” William sighed, retrieving the pen as well.
“Wanna talk about it?” Sisky tried to make eye contact but William avoided it, shaking his head.
“No. And I shouldn’t even feel like this.” William finally looked up and Sisky saw hurt in his gaze. “I should feel nothing, ‘cause we had nothing.”
“Even if it was just sex, he’s been a support for you, it’s not that weird if you miss him.”
“I know.” William looked down again, shaking his head. “I don’t exactly miss him, I…I just wish he wasn’t such a jerk.”
“Well, judging from that…” Sisky pointed at the fading bite William had forgot to cover. “…you had some kinky fun before breaking up.”
William’s hand covered the bite and he looked at his friend in the eye. “This has nothing to do with Mikey.”
“Then who did…” Sisky frowned in confusion, but William shook his head and raised his hand to stop him.
“It’s nothing.”
“Someone attacked you?” Sisky asked, trying to lock his gaze with William’s. “Bill…”
“I’m fine. No one attacked me. Just leave it alone.” William raised his voice a little too much and Sisky nodded as his frown deepened. “Sorry, I…” He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I just have to get some rest.”
“Stop working and sleep. You need it.” Sisky stood from the bed with a little smile and reached the door. “No more work for tonight.”
“Okay, mom.” William mirrored the little smile and closed the book. Sisky watched him put it on the floor with his notebook, then went out.
Without hesitation he headed for another room, his smile leaving place again to a worried frown. He knocked quickly and when the voice replied, he entered the room.
“Mike. I think we have a problem.”
Carden looked up from his phone and frowned, perplexed. “Yeah, well, we kinda have a fuckin’ fuckload of them, but thanks for reminding me.”
“Something’s wrong with Bill.” Sisky ignored the sarcastic reply and saw his friend’s expression change. “He’s got a bite on his neck. He says it’s not Mikey’s, but he got touchy when I asked about it.”
“That son of a bitch!” Mike’s expression turned into incredulous and he stood quickly, reaching his nightstand and taking a few things out.
“What are you looking for?”
“Dead man’s blood and blessed knives.” Mike didn’t even look up as he talked, but felt Sisky reach him.
What?” Sisky looked at him like he’d grown two heads. “You wanna kill Mikey Way? Are you nuts?”
“It’s not Mikey. And I don’t wanna kill him.” Mike took what he needed and put back in the drawer the rest. “I just wanna hurt him a fuckin’ lot.”
“Who the hell are you talking about?” Sisky followed Mike out of the room and in the corridor, confused and a little worried. It was rare to see Mike that angry, and he could be scary.
A/N: *hides very very well*
A little note on the posting. I started to post on fobvampirehunttoo. Thanks again to heartsdesire456for linking me the community. <3
So yeah, I don’t have much to say for this chapter, and I’m sure you’d be happy to get your hands around my throat and just squeeze…so if you don’t mind I’m gonna run right now. LOL
Let me know what you think. ;)
See ya,

I'm feeling...: creativecreative
paper_teenheart on February 10th, 2008 01:07 am (UTC)
dude! I was surprised how quick you posted! I literally squeed!

I hope Ryden's ok!!

I am in love with Mike's protectiveness!
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:07 pm (UTC)
I know, I couldn't resist posting. LOL

Ryden will be okay. Maybe. Eventually. *is evil*

I hope you won't change your mind...'cause he's not gonna be nice to Gabe.
hopelessly hopeful: {50% of Panic}nejem on February 10th, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)
Let me know what you think. ;)
what I think is that you totally love to hurt Ryden. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD you enjoy it oh so much, I'm 902712647% sure of that. XDDDDDDD

William totally wants to know what's up with Peterick against Gabe, lol, and I know I know I know! *does a little dance* I know and WIlliam doesn-- wait, I'd prefer not to know, actually. XDDDD

anywaycest, Mike, behave, come on!!! Gabilliam have to make out, they can't if you start threatening Gabe. XDDDD

I'll stop writing now.
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
You're so totally right. LOL Poor them. XD

Eh, I know you know and William doesn't...but yeah, he's the lucky one. LOL

Mike doesn't care about Gabilliam, he's on protective mode and he won't change his mind. *shakes head*
(Anonymous) on February 10th, 2008 01:27 am (UTC)
and i should be in bed, but you decided to be mean and update! *pouts*
oh william is such a slut *giggles*
so question, am i imagining this or is there a werewolves have mates thing? do vampires have mates too? or just werewolves?
“Or maybe you’re just that awesome.” - because in all honesty i'm prety sure everyone can say that brendon IS just that awesome.
oh god. i just had to take a break after reading the ryan/brendon scene.
i think you very nearly killed me. *resists quoting the entire thing*
strangely enough there is a pulse in the side of my palm, pounding.
i do not know what this means. and now there are pulses in the sides of my feet. maybe vampire fanfiction is bad for me?
so much love for yyou, even if you're doing something weird to my blood.
jessi watsonbowiscute145 on February 10th, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)
stupid log-gy-in thing. that was me.
(no subject) - jen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Hold me, I'm a fermataalmighty_one on February 10th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
yay! god, this story is so my latest obsession. :)
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
That's so good to hear, thanks! <3
Holy Eyes, I Never Knew I'd Beg Down At Your Feet: Adam T. Siskamental_x_core on February 10th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
I love this story! I love Adam in it too! Ahh! I want more! & welcome to FOBVampirehunt!
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
We'll see our beloved Sisky quite often. I kinda have a soft spot for him. LOL
Thanks! ;)
meheartyou07meheartyou07 on February 10th, 2008 01:39 am (UTC)
:O He can't hurt Gabe. D: That would totally end my growing liking for Geckett.
I was shocked at how soon this was up. I squealed a little when I saw it. Thankfully my roommate is away for the weekend lol
Amazing as usual <33
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
I'm afraid poor Gabe's gonna get bruised. Whoops. *hides*
Roommates just don't understand the joys of slash. *shakes head*
Thanks! <3
Scarlet Michelle: My chemical romancemidnightsugar on February 10th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
Woo! Update, yes!

This was great. Poor Ryan and Brendon

And I can't wait to find out WHAT Gabe did to Patrick and Pete.

JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
*is cruel to Ryden* I know, poor them. :(
That's gonna take a little while, I guess. *is evil*
heartsdesire456: Patrick/Peteheartsdesire456 on February 10th, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)

*says the one who does the same exact thing... now i know why people send me conflicting comments of 'i hate you! i love you! GAH!' all the time!*
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:12 pm (UTC)
I know, I'm mean and cruel and I'm slightly proud of it. *nods*

ambitioussmiles on February 10th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
please please please update soon?!
the suspese is really killing me!

i loved it.
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
I hope a few minutes are soon enough. ;)
Thanks!! <333
(Deleted comment)
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
Mikey is being such a jerk to William...but he's not out of the game yet. *grins*
Glad to hear you liked the Ryden piece. But why d'you hate it? I mean, you don't like one of them or it's just one of those things you just can't like for some weird reason you can't quite define? *is curious*
Sisky's gonna be in this for quite a while. And he's gonna find someone to shag too. LOL
Thanks! <3

And no, not gang rape. But it has definitely something to do with Butcher. *nods*
Bhope!: Music: Gabe/Williamprincipessahope on February 10th, 2008 02:22 am (UTC)
Ryden pretty much makes my heart ache they're so sweet. <3
And William's falling for Gabe, yay (honestly, who wouldn't?)!
I'd say I hate you but I don't since you wrote such an awesome story.
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks! <3
Gabe is one of those person you just have to love. And if you hate him, it's only because you love him secretly and you can't help it.
Cliffhangers are my life. LOL
Glad to hear you don't hate me. LOL
santanawish_waster on February 10th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
sfggdgij i love this.
and i especially love how often you update.
poor william. yeah that's right mike, get all protective : D
this story is made of win. geckett and..meckett (totally just pulled that outta my ass :|)
hothothot hah
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:15 pm (UTC)
I'll try and keep updating as regular as I can. I'll do what I can. :P
Gabe's gonna get quite bruised, Mike's very very mad at him. Like, a lot.
Meckett!! Srsly, I love you for this name. *loves*
but6682but6682 on February 10th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
ugh don't hurt the Saporta :(

I loved it... again...

It made me happy I had a rough day today tanks bb!
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:15 pm (UTC)
Whoops. *hides*

I'm glad this brightened at least a few miutes of your day. Hope things are better. *hugs*
le_disko_queen on February 10th, 2008 03:51 am (UTC)
i was just thinking about this story
and then there was a new chapter.
awe, ryan broke my heart. i was wondering when that problem would come up.
i like how the bite on will's neck is like a hickey. it's branded him and now everyone knows and mike's out to get gabe. xP
good stuff.
more soon, yes?

JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
That's all thanks to the secret psych abilities I got watching Supernatural. LOL
Apparently I love to break Ryden and fix them and break them again...so expect more angst and more fluff and more angst. *nods*
And Gabe bit William exactly where Mikey had left his hickey. Gabe is a smart guy. *nods again*
More in a few minutes. ;)
the_limousinethe_limousine on February 10th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
Mike, i love you. But, seriously, IF YOU HURT GABE I'M GONNA KILL YOU D: D: D: NO!! He can hurt Mikey all he wants, i never liked him and i definitely don't like him in this fic. He's too...meh. Mikey.
Gabilliam, Gabilliam, Gabilliam!! :D that always makes me happy.
The Ryden made my heart break, seriously. I want them to go back to normal...Ryan should convert Bren. Wouldn't that be better? Anyway... MOFO BRENT!
And yaaaay! Chizz.
What did Gabe do to Patrick? Seriouslyyyy. Was is it really that bad? Any hints?
Hm :(
Anyway, i love this story.
I can't wait for the update.
JenJM: gabilliamlovejen_jm on February 12th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
Whoops. I think Mike needs to run very very fast, then.
Mikey is being a jerk, but maybe things will be better.
Gabilliam angst is on its way...whoops again. LOL
Brent still has to get a painful horrible death, but unluckily Ryan can't turn Brendon 'cause he's still too young.
So more angst here too. But they'll be fixed, at least for a while.
I couldn't leave Chizz out. :D
Hints, uh? Well, it's kinda clear that it has to do with Butcher...and I can tell you I choose Butcher as the bad bad guys 'cause that name was appropriate for that kind of character.
Update in a few minutes! ;)